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There is only  ONE  Live Music Website

 That Exists In Tulsa, Oklahoma

Totally Dedicated To Supporting
Tulsa, Oklahoma & The Bands,
Musicians, & Venues Smart Enough

To Help Themselves

 Continuously Updated,

& Specifically Promoting ALL

of Tulsa's Worthy Live Music To

ALL of Tulsa - & Beyond



"Since It's Beginning, In August 2009,
CurtsList.Com Has Helped Put Food
On the Table of Almost

Each & Every Person
Involved In Tulsa, Oklahoma's

Entire Live Music Industry,

Whether They Know It Or Not,

 Listing & Promoting

Every Tulsa Area

Live Music Event I Can Find,

Well Over 200 Concerts, Big & Small,
Wed. to Wed. - Each & Every Week.

I Don't Just Help A Handful of Musicians

At My Favorite Bar

But Thousands Including

Bands, Musicians, Venues, & Staff 

Throughout - ALL - of Tulsa, Oklahoma." - c.f.




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